Rogers County, Oklahoma

29 miles Northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rogers County Oklahoma

Welcome to Rogers County, Oklahoma. Established in 1907 by the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, Rogers County is rich in history and culture. Named after Cherokee rancher Clem Vann Rogers, the father of notable screen actor Will Rogers, Rogers County boasts the fastest growing population in the state. But it's no surprise that folks want to call Rogers County home. Sitting only 29 miles outside of Tulsa, we have some of the most competitive real estate prices in the country, As well, Rogers State University in the county seat of Claremore continues to draw more students than any other university in the state of Oklahoma.

Are you searching for a new place to build upon your family? In keeping with Oklahoma state values, maintaining healthy, happy families is the cornerstone of our continued development. Rogers County is home to many planned, affordable residential neighborhoods with diverse and active families. But if you're looking to get away from the suburbs and city lights, we also offer many country homes with enough land to grow the garden of your dreams.

We work hard to keep families engaged and active within our communities. The kids will always have something fun and educational to occupy their growing hands and minds. From indulging their inner cowboy at the annual Claremore Rodeo or Rogers County Fair to hiking one of our beautiful nature trails to quietly taking in the sights at one of our many historic museums, there are always family-oriented events and activities to keep the little ones occupied and involved.

In terms of education, our schools are some of the best in the nation. We have teachers and staff who are committed to the success of each and every student. The county is divided into 12 school districts with more than 30 high-performing, top-rated public schools available. Many of our schools boast a student to teacher ratio that is less than the national average. We believe that public and academic engagement is critical to the success of our students. Our "Career Pathways" programs outline the 7-12 grade courses, industry certifications, and training programs that will help prepare students for successful careers within the Northeast Oklahoma region and Rogers County Public Schools, the state and the nation. Rogers Public Schools supply students with the right amount of education and training to achieve their academic goals as well as equip them with the technical skills they will need to succeed in life. For those students still undecided about college, we also offer programs that provide unique industry certifications. These certifications confirm that the student has a recognized level of proficiency or skill in a specific area of commerce or business.

Are you looking for a lucrative job and salary that allows for a positive work/life balance? Well, you've come to the right place. Our economic development is continually growing. Due to our consistent population growth, our top paying jobs are currently in architecture and engineering. But we also have many rewarding positions available in business and company management, utilities, oil & gas extraction, mining and quarrying. Our largest employment industry is manufacturing, followed by health care and retail. This combined with the fact that employees in Rogers County commute an average of only 23 minutes makes it so much easier to balance a healthy work and family schedule. Forget that long commute in heavy traffic twice per day. Spend some quality time with family instead.

While we're on the topic of jobs and rewarding salaries, it's important to mention that families in Rogers County enjoy a higher annual median income than the average calculated across the entire United States of America. We also boast extremely affordable real estate prices for the aspiring property owner. This translates to more expendable income, savings and investments for your family.

For those interested in starting their own business or opening a new branch of a seasoned chain, Rogers County offers several state and county level business incentive programs. Oklahoma is known for its pro-business environment, and Rogers County is a prime example. Low operation costs and the quality of life experience in Rogers County are two good reasons that new businesses thrive in our economic system. We have a low and affordable sales tax rate, which encourages shoppers to invest in our economy. We also provide supportive service programs to our businesses like the "RSU Innovation Center" and "Workforce Oklahoma." This coupled with extremely affordable industrial and commercial real estate offerings and a highly productive and skilled workforce means that your business will have the advantage of getting a head start on a positive return.

Rich in history, diversity and growth, Rogers County is the perfect place to build a new business, home or family. Our quality of life experience is enriched by the people who make our communities active, safe and whole. If you're looking for new opportunities, give us a try. We love the challenge of improving the lives of those around us.

  • Fastest growing county in Oklahoma
  • Quality work/life balance.
  • Competitive real estate prices
  • Lucrative job oppourtunities
  • Top tier educational institutions
  • Rich in history, diversity and growth
  • Golf courses, lakes, rodeos events
  • Shopping, specialty stores, antique shops

2021 County Market Summary

Population - 2020 Census
  • County Population 95,240
  • Population Density (p/sm) 140.90
  • Population Change 2018-2020 9.6%
  • Households : 35,208
  • Average Household Income $78,457
  • Median Household Income $66,038
  • Per Capita Income $33,030
Age Groups
  • Age 15 - 19 Years 6,141
  • Age 20 - 44 Years 22,711
  • Age 45 - 54 Years 12,126
  • Age 55 - 69 Years 17,526
  • Age 70 Plus Years 10,123
Education Attainment (25-64 Years)
  • High School Only 15,169
  •   Percentage 32.0%
  • Some College or AS Degree 16,976
  •   Percentage 35.8%
  • Bachelors or Higher Degree 12,082
  •   Percentage 25.5%
Employment 2021
  • Civilian Labor Force 47,446
  • Average Unemployment Rate 3.5%
  • Management, Business, Science 15,422
  • Sales and Office 9,406
  • Service 7,060
  • Production, Transportation 6,892
  • Natural Resources, Construction 5,449
Major Metro AreasBusiness & Employees
  • Tulsa : 29 miles
  • Oklahoma City : 134 miles
  • Dallas, TX: 286 miles
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