About Rogers County

Rogers County Market Summary

Population – 1st Qtr 2015

County Population91,029
County Daytime Population85, 680
Population Change 2010-14 City Limits4.75%


Average Household Income$72,635
Median Housing Value$142,958
Owner Occupied72.82%
No. Hholds with Income > $100k7,375
No. Hholds with Income > $250k412

Age Groups

Age 0 - 13 Years16,038
Age 18 - 44 Years39,624
Age 50 Years Plus32,454

Education Levels

High School19,652
Bachelors Degree9,948
Post Bachelors Degree3,707

Business & Employees

Workplace Employees35,230
Workplace Establishments1,729
Average Salary$42,565

Workforce Availability

In Labor Force46,938
Unemployment Rate3.77%

Distance to Major Metro Areas

Oklahoma City134 miles
Tulsa29 miles
Dallas, TX286 miles

Population, Education and Income